Introduction to agility

In this single session we introduce you and your dog to the sport of agility. They will be jumping, weaving, going through tunnels and running over lowered contact equipment (such as the dog-walk, a-frame and teeter-totter) all in a safe and fun manner. Basic agility handling fundamentals will also be reviewed. With this taste of agility, we want to leave you and your dog begging for more. You and your dog will be introduced to agility equipment, basic handling techniques, and rewards based dog training. Both adult dogs and puppies are welcome. They must also be in good health, up to date on vaccinations, and be able to work around people and other dogs with no aggression issues.  Classes are formed as needed, so if you are interested please contact us. 

Is my dog a good candidate for agility?

Group agility classes are a great way to learn from others as well as exposing your dog to woking around other dogs in a safe environment. At HMBDS, we strive to make group classes a safe and positive learning experience for all dogs and handlers.  Please ask yourself the following questions to determine if your dog is ready to be successful in a group setting:

  • Does my dog bark, lunge or growl on leash when they see another dog or human?
  • Does my dog lose focus on me  while on leash when they are in proximity (20 feet or less) to other dogs or humans?
  • Is my dog fearful around other dogs, humans and/or new environments?  Dogs express fear in several ways. They may shake, pace, whine, bark, cower, hide, sudden disinterest in food, urinating/defecating.
  • Has your dog had a previous interaction, ON OR OFF LEASH, which has resulted in an injury to a dog/human?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, we would recommend you work with a behaviorist to improve these behaviors before starting a group agility class.  We are happy to recommend local trainers.  

Due to the high demand in agility classes and the awesomeness of our instructors and facility we are not taking any new Introduction to Agility and Foundation level students at this time.  Please check this website for any updates. 


Student Agreement

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Download our student agreement form.  The document will explain rates and facility rules. Please sign and return this form to us via email. In you email please let us know you are interested in an introduction class.

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Class Calendar

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Contact us for the latest class offerings and openings for our introduction program. We are always forming new classes and we will do our very best to fit you in. 


First Class Team!

Meet our instructors

We don't want to brag (but we are!), but our instructors are top notch! They come with years of competing at the highest levels on the national and international stage.  They are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you!